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Patent ID: CN201110098006.3

An integrated network of DHT mapping server deployment method

Description: An implementation method of mapping server DHT deployed in an integrated network, including the deployment of integrated network-based DHT mapping between registration and analytical methods used for deployment between DHT AS domain mapping server, when mapping between registration, to access identifier hash mappings to be stored access identification and mapping server in the corresponding mapping server; when the need to resolve, simply access it in determining identity hash map server can get access identification and exchange of routing identify where the mapping server mappings to obtain the mapping between access identification and exchange routing identity.With this approach, organizations can achieve dynamic mapping system, and enhance the integration of network mapping system scalability, robustness, reducing latency analytic mappings to support the large-scale deployment of integrated networks.

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DOI: H04L12 / 24 (2006.01) I; H04L12 / 70 (2013.01) I