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Patent ID: CN201110111736.2

For asphalt concrete pavement strain, crack test package FBG sensors

Description: Asphalt package structure for an asphalt concrete pavement strain, crack test package FBG sensor, which includes three springs grating, three pure grating, prefabricated, six through-groove, temperature tank, the temperature sensor, armored fiber optic cable. Three springs grating, three pure fiber grating through the upper and lower layers are embedded in the slot, and then glue the spring grating, one end of which pure asphalt concrete consolidation package fiber grating fiber grating after a spring of pure fiber grating prestressing, the other end of the six groups of reconsolidation fiber grating, and the temperature sensor is embedded in the temperature zone, the last six groups of leads connected to the cable optical fiber grating temperature sensor and armored. The sensor technology is simple, convenient layout, high accuracy, large measuring range can be realized on asphalt concrete pavement principal stress directions and the size of the monitor for Structural Health Monitoring of asphalt concrete pavement internal changes for the industry.

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DOI: G01L1 / 24 (2006.01) I; G01N21 / 17 (2006.01) I