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Patent ID: CN201110122035.9

A method of preparation of the steel substrate seawater resistant cladding layer

Description: A method of preparation of the steel substrate seawater resistant cladding, belonging to the technical field of surface engineering. Process: cladding with mixed powder preparation: Mix powdered raw material component in weight percent composition: Cr powder:. 23-32wt%; Mo powder:. 12-17wt%; W powder:. 1-4wt%; Nb powder .: 0.3-1wt%; Ni powder: margin; Preparation cladding layer comprises: forming a pre-mixed powder cladding cladding, pre-mixed powder cladding cladding layer formed; multilayer cladding. Advantageously, a gas atomization method was prepared without using the water atomization process or the Ni-Cr-Mo alloy powder and the mixed powder of raw materials required for the cladding by mechanical mixing method using a high energy density of the laser beam melting the mixed powder, In situ surface alloyed steel substrate formed of Ni-Cr-Mo corrosion resistant cladding, cladding layer and the substrate to achieve metallurgical bonding, and dilution rate. And has a low production cost, long-seawater corrosion resistant cladding life, the process is relatively simple; solve the problem of Ni-Cr-Mo-based corrosion resistant cladding prepared.

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DOI: C23C24 / 10 (2006.01) I