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Patent ID: CN201110139814.X

Metal insulated gate field effect transistor structure and method for the preparation of high-voltage integrated circuits

Description: An insulated gate field effect transistor used for the metal structure of high voltage integrated circuit, comprising: P-type substrate, P-type epitaxial layer is provided with a P-type isolation well region, N-type isolation well region, P-type back gate on the P-type epitaxial N-type region and the high-voltage well regions, P-type back-gate region is provided with N-type source region, characterized in that below the P-type back gate region is provided with N-type buried layer, both ends of the N-type and N-type buried layers are isolating the well region, the high pressure N-type well regions are connected on both sides with a first N-type source region N-type source-side buffer layer and a second N-type source-side buffer layer on the P-type back-gate contact region and a N type source region are connected to the back gate of the P-type metal wiring and source metal wires. The present invention greatly reduces the tradition prevalent in bootstrap diode substrate current problems and improve the bootstrap capacitor charging speed, improved driver circuit dynamics.

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