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Patent ID: CN201110158493.8

A test method for animal respiration calorimetry system for detection accuracy

Description: Test method for the detection accuracy of animal respiration calorimetry system include: accurate weighing filled with the right amount of ethanol alcohol lamp, placed in test breath test measured the cabin heating system and ignition start system calibration test records from start time and temperature tests outside the cabin, humidity and atmospheric pressure until the system runs after four working cycle is off alcohol lamp end of the test, recording end time and weighed alcohol lamp weight, the concentration of the gas finally collected data systems, air flow and no water, ethanol consumption, the combustion time of the data to calculate the recovery of carbon dioxide and oxygen, and then determines the animal respiratory calorimeter system to detect accuracy. The present invention uses ethanol combustion simulation animal breath test quickly and accurately assess the animal breathing calorimetry system accuracy of test results for the conduct system validation tests provide important methods and techniques.

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DOI: G01N33 / 00 (2006.01) I