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Patent ID: CN201110193411.3

A one-piece roof filled polyester solid thickening process for reactor

Description: A one-piece roof filled polyester solid tackifying reactor process for the production belongs to the field of fiber technology. One-piece roof filled reactor, the upper part of the roof of the preheating zone, the central reaction zone is filled, the lower is the cooling section, the middle section of the cylinder wall filled with the reaction medium is heated with hot coil. From the lower section of the roof of the high temperature nitrogen gas into the inlet of the hot nitrogen, at a low temperature nitrogen gas inlet of the reactor through the bottom of the cryogenic nitrogen gas directly to the cooling section; nitrogen flow upward against the slices, mixed with the heated nitrogen enters the ridge segments; from the filling section out of the high viscosity of the slices are cooled to below 100 ℃. The present invention process yield, short process, high process efficiency, cost economy; material is heated evenly, easy caking; no set up separate sections cooling device, the reactor with nitrogen evenly distributed, the process temperature range of 200-230 ℃; technology transfer production in the range of 50% to 110% plant design production.

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DOI: C08G63 / 80 (2006.01) I