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Patent ID: CN201110321496.9

Car Drinking a disaster emergency environment disinfection purification devices

Description: Car Drinking a disaster emergency environment disinfection and purification equipment, belonging to the technical field of gas discharge application security and drinking water protection. Technical features of the present invention is to narrow the gap in the strong field-based dielectric barrier discharge reactor on the increase in wide-gap dielectric barrier discharge reactor constructed reactive oxygen species nonequilibrium plasma generation system, using miscible pressure pump plus gas-liquid venturi Secondary gas-liquid miscible miscible patterns strengthen the efficient formation of reactive oxygen species hydroxyl radical chain reaction process, the use of plug plate sterilization of drinking water flows through the tank to extend the line to increase the duration of action of drinking water disinfection, the device may overall steel lower base installed in an automobile, for easy transport. Effects and benefits of the present invention can be in a disaster environment, improve the effectiveness of disinfection and sterilization of drinking water, increase security and emergency supply of drinking water.

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DOI: C02F1 / 72 (2006.01) I; C02F1 / 50 (2006.01) I