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Patent ID: CN201110350913.2

A porcelain industry, ball clay iron removal method

Description: A method for removing iron porcelain industry, ball clay, ball clay for involving porcelain industry. Ball clay ore pulp, sorting, removing coarse grade sand, slurry containing fine sand into the spiral classifier was pulp, and transported to the sorting sorting pool, the pool from sorting out the pulp into the concentrated pool sorting the bottom of the pool with the mud pump sand out; the concentrated slurry is supplied to the pool in addition to iron pool, the concentration of water was added to adjust the slurry; industrial sulfuric acid added; then add sodium dithionite chemical reduction reaction; complexation reaction of oxalic acid was added; The basin fill rinse pulp, adding polyacrylamide flocculation reaction; after settling slurry water discharge, adding rinse until the pH of the slurry was neutral, the water is discharged after settling; through mud pump the slurry feed the stripping machine ultrafine stripping; ball clay by pressure filtration, dried metering package, to be transported into the warehouse.

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DOI: C01B33 / 26 (2006.01) I; C04B33 / 10 (2006.01) I