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Patent ID: CN201110356242.0

One kind of belt-type corrugated boxes Yuangun equivalent agency

Description: Yuangun each side of a belt (1) Rules of small panels mounted on the same side on the total initial folding rollers (2), the transition of the total; production equipment in the field a belt-type corrugated boxes Yuangun equivalent bodies belong corrugated boxes roll (3) and the final total off roll (4), from the beginning of the total roll off (2) the transition of the total roll (3) to complete the equivalent of 0 to 90 degrees, and the platen mechanism, the transition from a total roll (3) to a final total folding roller (4) to complete the equivalent of 90 to 180 degrees, and the lateral positioning of discharge roller mechanism; Yuangun belt (1) and the feeding belt (32) for the same power source, the lower side layer of a belt above the latter First off the total friction drive rollers (2) power transfer roller (11), and led the early folding rollers (10) Turn off the shaft by early (9), which led to Yuangun Belt (1) operation; Yuangun belt ( 1) The whole dynamic contact with the corrugated cardboard, friction is small, oriented, simple structure, low energy consumption, equivalent good quality, high production efficiency.

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DOI: B31B1 / 56 (2006.01) I