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Patent ID: CN201110365855.0

Badminton sparring robot mechanism

Description: One kind badminton sparring robot mechanism includes a support portion; a guide member mounted on said support portion; and striking mechanism, the striking mechanism includes: a slider assembly connected to the guide line with respect to said guide member can move; racket holder, and may be connected to the slider assembly and movement of said slider assembly with activity; and a driving mechanism for driving the slider assembly to move relative to the guide member. Above badminton sparring robot mechanism with striking mechanism with racket holder can be moved on the striking mechanism, when the racket badminton racket holder mounted on the robot body will be able to complete the sparring ball, hit the ball and Spike and other actions, it is possible to replace sparring staff, thereby saving athletes or badminton enthusiasts time and costs.

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DOI: A63B69 / 00 (2006.01) I; A63B67 / 18 (2006.01) I