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Patent ID: CN201110366272.X

Badminton sparring robot mechanism

Description: One kind badminton sparring robot mechanism includes a support portion; tilt mechanism, the tilt mechanism is mounted on said support portion; and striking mechanism, the striking mechanism mounted on said vertical line rotation mechanism; wherein The tilt mechanism comprises: a horizontal support base, said system is mounted on the support part; the guide member, the guide member is mounted on said horizontal support base; and a drive assembly for driving the guide member in a horizontal plane perpendicular to the rotating in a vertical plane; wherein the striking mechanism mounted on the line guide member and said guide member may rotate with said vertical plane.Badminton sparring robot mechanism described above has a vertical rotating mechanism can be driven to rotate in a vertical plane striking mechanism, it is possible to achieve lateral batting function, it can replace sparring staff, thereby saving athletes or badminton enthusiasts time and costs.

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DOI: A63B69 / 00 (2006.01) I; A63B67 / 18 (2006.01) I