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Patent ID: CN201110413058.5

A method of preparing fish bones fermented bean curd

Description: Method for preparing fish bones fermented bean curd, fish bone paste, soy protein isolate is made from raw materials, in parts by weight: fish bone cement 70-80, 20-30 soy protein isolate. By making fish bone cement; join in fish bone mud soy protein isolate, and mixed; briquetting blanks made of tofu and cut into small pieces; inoculation Mucor; rub hair bottling pouring, after fermentation seals steps to get fish bones bean curd, the present invention provides a fishbone bean curd bean curd added since the fish bones contain calcium, phosphorus and other mineral elements he easily absorbed by the body, so this bean curd is not only beneficial to human health, while improving comprehensive utilization of fish waste, the production of fermented bean curd eliminate fishy smell, taste delicious, simple production process.

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DOI: A23L1 / 325 (2006.01) I; A23L1 / 305 (2006.01) I