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Patent ID: CN201110422306.2

Tunnel Monitoring System

Description: Tunnel construction monitoring system for real-time monitoring of tunnel construction, including more than two mobile monitoring device, control center and communications equipment. The mobile monitoring device located in the tunnel and in the tunnel move, obtain real-time information for the tunnel construction situations. Between the mobile monitoring device connected through the communication between communication devices and mobile monitoring device and the monitoring center. The monitoring center for controlling a mobile monitoring device and get the real-time information, the monitoring center is also the real-time information to be processed, and displayed the results.Since the mobile monitoring device is movable within the tunnel according to the construction progress. Therefore, by having tunnel construction monitoring system, when the tunnel face progresses, mobile monitoring device can also be as deep, so as not to affect the real-time monitoring of the construction site.

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DOI: H04L29 / 08 (2006.01) I; H04N7 / 18 (2006.01) I