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Patent ID: CN201120334730.7

A method for the use of bio-energy light adjusting means

Description: A method for adjusting the light energy use biological means, which is connected to the support base by connection means, the light of the reactor body and the support base are connected by a mechanical shaft structure, the optical body of the reactor is a closed structure having a light receiving surface of a cube, characterized in that said adjustment means the light utilization, including: a light angle control means of the reactor; the at least one sensor means for the temperature of the gas content of the reaction or the reactor main body of the light sensing within the reactor main body, and to send information to the monitoring device; setting means the temperature and gas content; telescopic device, light reactor body and the support base of the opening angle can be adjusted. The utility model discloses the use of light adjusting device can be optimized culture conditions in culture bio energy.

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DOI: C12M1 / 36 (2006.01) I; C12M3 / 00 (2006.01) I