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Patent ID: CN201210014452.6

Shipbuilding and land and sea for the ground to pick up the no-torque hydraulic pushing device self-correcting

Description: A flat shipbuilding and land and sea to pick up non-torque hydraulic pushing device self-correcting, art belonging to the ship and ocean engineering. This hydraulic pushing device includes hydraulic station, back seat, front seat, cited pry agencies, automatic correction mechanism and no torque pushing mechanism. No torque pushing organizations to adopt the hydraulic cylinder, one end with a hinged rear seat, and the other end into the hinged front, pushing the completion of the entire work process through automatic correction mechanism and lead to pry bodies. The hydraulic pushing device can either be applied to the slide shift system can also be applied to track the shift system, simple structure, engineering applicability, safe, reliable, easy to maintain, does not change the existing work environment and impact of shipyard production processes and processes.Capable of large-scale, large-tonnage, shape or structure of complex equipment for precise segmentation, controllable and rapid shift. Thereby expanding shipbuilding capacity, shorten the construction period, an increase of large water passages, large increase water security.

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DOI: B66F19 / 00 (2006.01) I