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Patent ID: CN201210077110.9

One kind of shell tung method to produce bio-butanol

Description: A tung shell produce biobutanol, comprising the following steps: (1) the collection and pre-tung shell; (2) hydrolysis tung shell: shell powder by sieving material quality tung: sulfuric acid volume = 1 : mass ratio of 5-9 was added to the sieved material tung shell powder at a concentration of 1-5% dilute sulfuric acid hydrolysis for 1-3 hours at 120-180 ℃, too Tong shell hydrolyzate, total sugar control hydrolyzate concentration of 35-45g / L; (3) the preparation of hydrolyzate fermentation medium; (4) tung shell hydrolyzate fermentation: the step (3) preparation of a good medium into the fermenter, and then inoculated with a pre-training Good bacteria inoculation strain was fermented 5% -10% hydrolyzate medium volume, fermentation anaerobic 72-120 hours at 35-40 ℃, Serve. With the present invention can improve the utilization of tung shell, reduce resource waste and environmental pollution.

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DOI: C12P7 / 16 (2006.01) I; C12R1 / 145 (2006.01) N