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Patent ID: CN201210085021.9

A line detection secondary cooling zone slab continuous casting method of solid-liquid phase fraction

Description: An on-line detection of slab continuous casting secondary cooling zone of the solid-liquid phase fraction, which belongs to the metallurgical casting detection technology. Step of the detection method used: First, the installation steps billet secondary cooling zone of solid-liquid phase fraction detection device. Transformation of the original segment, the hydraulic cylinder to the servo valve switching valve to achieve a slight vibration of low frequency drive roller. Step two, the production of slab surface is applied to the low-frequency low-amplitude periodic forced vibration through the drive roller. Step three, through real-time detection sensor feedback pressure and displacement signals and data acquisition system will send the signal to the model analysis system. Fourth, the slab of solid-liquid phase fraction calculation steps. The advantage of this detection method is: using online direct measurement approach, the slab can be further improved detection accuracy of the solid-liquid phase fraction; the method equipment modification cycle is short, low input costs, post-maintenance convenient; to be more precise in the actual production process to give the slab at different positions in the solid-liquid phase fraction.

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DOI: B22D11 / 16 (2006.01) I