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Patent ID: CN201210097466.9

Mildew pest control method and apparatus of oilseed residues

Description: Mildew pest control method and apparatus for oil cake, the method is placed in the bottom of the floating oil meal pass into formic acid, two days later, at the bottom of oil cake and then pass into chlorine dioxide. The device comprises a base oil cake vacant place, and for fumigation produce formic acid and chlorine dioxide gas generator, the base from the bracket and has several holes hollow steel composition, the stent is provided around the outside of the hollow steel and communication with the steel plate; the gas generator includes a temperature-controlled water bath temperature control large cylindrical container, and a small cylindrical container, fans and exhaust pipes placed fumigation of raw materials, the exhaust pipe of the gas generator and the base stent communicated. Pest control effect uniform, durable, simple and broad-spectrum, safe methods and operations, and convenient device for an oil cake mold in storage.

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DOI: A23K1 / 14 (2006.01) I; A23K3 / 00 (2006.01) I