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Patent ID: CN201210128144.6

No harm fish tank efficient fishing gear

Description: One kind of aquarium fish and efficient means no harm, it is driven by the agency, the fishway institutions and set fish bodies, driving mechanism, the end of the first rectangle hinged and second rectangle laying nets, the second rectangle fishing net opened a uniform diameter and height of the second rectangle round hole; fishway institutions, consistent with the big mouth portion of the tapered cylinder diameter of the hole diameter driven institutions, tapered cylinder diameter is slightly larger than a small portion of the mouth of the fish tank The average body group is high; set fish institutions closed end bag, big mouth partially open end and cones mate mesh bag, mesh bag to wear open end features Tisheng. The present invention provides an efficient aquarium no harm fishing gear, fishing can be overcome existing deficiencies from the aquarium, fishing speed quickly and efficiently, at the same time to catch the fish will not cause harm to the fish, with a wide range of use value

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DOI: A01K79 / 00 (2006.01) I