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Patent ID: CN201210128373.8

Preparation of high temperature wear and corrosion powder material cladding layer and the preparation method used

Description: Powder material and preparation method for the preparation of high-temperature cladding for wear and corrosion, which belongs to the technical field of surface engineering.Component, and component content of the powder material is: NbC powder: 8-15wt%; TiC powder:.. 3-8wt%; Ti powder:. 1-1.5wt%; VC powder:. 3-6wt%; Ni-Cr-Mo alloy powder: margin. The preparation method comprises: preparing a raw material powder to prepare a mixed powder prepared by cladding layers. Advantage is that the boiler tubes can meet high temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant technical requirements for chlorine, can significantly extend water wall tubes, economizer tubes and superheater tube life.

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DOI: C23C24 / 10 (2006.01) I; C22C32 / 00 (2006.01) I; B22F1 / 00 (2006.01) I