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Patent ID: CN201210283235.7

Water wall tube wear and corrosion protection powder and preparation method

Description: Powder and its preparation method for water wall tube wear and corrosion protection, belongs to the technical field of surface engineering. The weight percentages of each component of the powder raw material: CrB2 powder: 6-15?%; C powder: 0.3-2%; Ni-Cr-Ti-Mo-Fe-V alloy powder: balance; wherein, Ni-Cr-Ti-Mo-Fe-V alloy powder composition is: Cr: 20- 28%; Ti: 3-10%; Mo: 1-3%; Fe: 1-3%; V: 0.5-1%; Ni: the balance. Preparation process comprises: preparing for water wall tube wear and corrosion protection powder, preparation cladding. Advantage is that the boiler tubes can meet high temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant sulfur technical requirements, can significantly extend the life of water wall tube. Cladding material prepared with good toughness, cladding layer is substantially free of cracks, the surface microhardness can 400-900HV range.

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DOI: B22F1 / 00 (2006.01) I; C23C24 / 10 (2006.01) I