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Patent ID: CN201310050600.4

A method for improving the effect of pretreatment of wood microwave resonant cavity

Description: A microwave pretreatment for improving the effect of the timber cavity, comprising a horizontal rectangular microwave cavity A and two in the vertical direction of the rectangular microwave cavity B and C, B and C, respectively, both surfaces of the upper and lower A-phase, B, and C A contact surface is a hollow rectangle, the width of the rectangle is about 0.24765m, after a length of 0.12382m, B and C of the upper opening of the lower mouth of the opening, the front and rear openings两口A, A, and of width B, C equal to the vertical height range A in 0.08-0.10m. The cavity can improve the effect of microwave pretreatment of wood, treated wood preparation for post-infusion and performance of new materials has important significance.

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DOI: H05B6 / 64 (2006.01) I; F26B23 / 08 (2006.01) I