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Patent ID: CN201310050610.8

A microwave pretreatment of four wood fed into the cavity

Description: Rectangular microwave cavity D B A rectangular microwave cavity used in a microwave pre-treatment of wood is fed into a four-neck cavity, comprising a horizontal rectangular microwave cavity A, both in the vertical direction, C and the two horizontal directions, E, B , C and A, respectively, contact the upper and lower surfaces, the upper opening and a lower opening B is open C, D of the left port and the right port E is open, the front and rear openings两口A, A, and of width B, C are equal, the upper and lower height and D, E is equal to the vertical height range A of 0.08m

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DOI: H05B6 / 64 (2006.01) I; F26B23 / 08 (2006.01) I