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Patent ID: CN201310284299.3

A self-assembly method generates wood Mesoporous

Description: A self-assembled wood to generate mesoporous molecular sieve, comprising: a precursor sol preparation, vacuum pressure impregnation, volatile self-assembly, water and heat treatment steps. The present invention introduces a self-assembled mesoporous pore structure in the timber, which has an increased density, strength, wear resistance and other effects. Wood and flame retardants, preservatives composite prepared by the invention, not only flame retardants, preservatives can be long-term retention in wood interior, easy loss, but also an efficient flame retardant and smoke suppression, long-lasting anti-corrosion effect. The present invention can be widely used in composite wood or wood fire retardant, anti-corrosion, the process is easy to implement, low cost, good effect, it is worth promoting.

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DOI: B27K3 / 02 (2006.01) I; B27K3 / 08 (2006.01) I; B27K3 / 52 (2006.01) I