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Patent ID: CN201310284299

A self-assembly method generates wood Mesoporous

Patent ID: CN201310180532

A method of in situ timber precursor of mesoporous

Patent ID: CN201310050610

A microwave pretreatment of four wood fed into the cavity

Patent ID: CN201310050597

A family of three cylindrical microwave pretreatment of wood fed into the cavity

Patent ID: CN201310050600

A method for improving the effect of pretreatment of wood microwave resonant cavity

Patent ID: CN201210580743

Disc and its production methods, structured light illumination pattern generation means

Patent ID: CN201210580743

Disc and its production methods, structured light illumination pattern generation means

Patent ID: CN201210283235

Water wall tube wear and corrosion protection powder and preparation method

Patent ID: CN201210283222

Iron-nickel-chromium-molybdenum-based powder material and method for laser cladding

Patent ID: CN201210169510

A prefabricated conditioning Hunan - fish head preparation

Patent ID: CN201210128144

No harm fish tank efficient fishing gear

Patent ID: CN201210128373

Preparation of high temperature wear and corrosion powder material cladding layer and the preparation method used

Patent ID: CN103493114_A

Mobile Communicator Device Including User Attentiveness Detector

Patent ID: CN201210097466

Mildew pest control method and apparatus of oilseed residues

Patent ID: CN201210085021

A line detection secondary cooling zone slab continuous casting method of solid-liquid phase fraction

Patent ID: CN201210077110

One kind of shell tung method to produce bio-butanol

Patent ID: CN201210061376

Kind of fish bones and beer yeast extract complex seasonings and preparation method

Patent ID: CN201210014452

Shipbuilding and land and sea for the ground to pick up the no-torque hydraulic pushing device self-correcting

Patent ID: CN201110422306

Tunnel Monitoring System

Patent ID: CN201110413058

A method of preparing fish bones fermented bean curd

Patent ID: CN201110366272

Badminton sparring robot mechanism

Patent ID: CN201110365855

Badminton sparring robot mechanism

Patent ID: CN201110356242

One kind of belt-type corrugated boxes Yuangun equivalent agency

Patent ID: CN201110353136

Hydrate formation and decomposition of the sediments in situ permeability measurements and integrated device

Patent ID: CN201110350913

A porcelain industry, ball clay iron removal method

Patent ID: CN201110327327

A coal-based syngas synthesis gas catalyst and preparation method for

Patent ID: CN201110321496

Car Drinking a disaster emergency environment disinfection purification devices

Patent ID: CN201120334730

A method for the use of bio-energy light adjusting means

Patent ID: CN201110254384

A fully mechanized coal caving mining without coal pillar supporting the roadway expansion method to help fill

Patent ID: CN201110245749

Transmission lines for automatic de-icing Robot

Patent ID: CN201110205360

Cleaning methods resin fixed bed ion exchange uranium mill

Patent ID: CN201110205371

Uranium fixed bed ion exchange resin cleaning tower

Patent ID: CN201110193411

A one-piece roof filled polyester solid thickening process for reactor

Patent ID: CN201110158493

A test method for animal respiration calorimetry system for detection accuracy

Patent ID: CN201110150248

A method for preparing acetic acid dehydration ZSM-5 zeolite membranes

Patent ID: CN201110142575

One kind of pressurized oxygen-rich coal-fired boiler flue gas condensate Ash Handling System

Patent ID: CN201110139814

Metal insulated gate field effect transistor structure and method for the preparation of high-voltage integrated circuits

Patent ID: CN201110139625

Isolation structure for a high voltage driver circuit

Patent ID: CN201110122035

A method of preparation of the steel substrate seawater resistant cladding layer

Patent ID: CN201110111736

For asphalt concrete pavement strain, crack test package FBG sensors

Patent ID: CN201110110946

An organic fiber reinforced organic airgel insulation material and method

Patent ID: CN201110100297

Diamond honing stone and a preparation method for machining cylinder sleeve textured platform

Patent ID: CN201110098006

An integrated network of DHT mapping server deployment method

Patent ID: CN201110092899

A high-voltage transmission line robots for automated de-icing

Patent ID: CN201110092359

An elegant Toki clock Encyrtidae artificial breeding methods

Patent ID: CN201110083062

One kind of organic pyrolysis method for preparing activated charcoal

Patent ID: CN201110077262

Preparation of acetic acid dehydration mordenite membranes for

Patent ID: CN201110074892

Plantar pressure measurement method for rehabilitation

Patent ID: CN201110073151

Electromagnetic current integration method for controlling a permanent magnet maglev systems for hybrid

Patent ID: CN201110068881

Ring structure deformation regulation of large diameter vertical cantilever mounting method

Patent ID: CN201110067584

An ordered mesoporous silica hollow spheres preparation

Patent ID: CN201110069212

An ordered mesoporous aluminosilicate hollow spheres preparation

Patent ID: CN201110062338

One kind of organic two-stage device and method for integrated drying and gasification

Patent ID: CN201110056750

Fish head soup noodle processing methods

Patent ID: CN201110033771

A three-axis rotating work platform for testing optical components

Patent ID: CN201110035770

A kit and testing methods for the detection of classical swine fever virus

Patent ID: CN201110026245

A three-axis tilt adjustable platform for machining

Patent ID: CN201110024312

Fish behavior multifunction device

Patent ID: CN201110009342

Preparation for the adsorption of sulfur dioxide ultrafine modified activated carbon fibers

Patent ID: CN201010618509

A gripper device for shampooing machine

Patent ID: CN201010618846

One silicone-modified two-component solvent-free polyurethane anti-corrosion coatings and preparation method

Patent ID: CN201010614914

A motion of the slide surface on the control method for

Patent ID: CN201010604325

A green carbon soil curing hardener

Patent ID: CN201010604153

A nucleic acid amplification device within the microfluidic chip

Patent ID: CN201010602305

In the transport of oxygen active particles injected into the pipeline processing method for ship ballast water

Patent ID: CN201010559301

Weight vectors for data streams sorting buffer

Patent ID: CN201010538200

Read auxiliary device

Patent ID: CN201010533348

Systems and methods for neutron resonance transmission spectra of temperature data processing and analysis

Patent ID: CN201010525310

A three-dimensional mesh for a fuel cell electrode material nanoporous palladium, ruthenium and its preparation method

Patent ID: 2.0101052531e+

A three-dimensional mesh for a fuel cell electrode material nanoporous palladium, ruthenium and its preparation method

Patent ID: CN201010516375

Efficient multi-antenna detection method for long-term evolution of the program

Patent ID: CN201010521989

Aminophenol method for pressurized CO2 / H2O system prepared from N- phenyl hydroxylamine

Patent ID: CN201010515089

A three-axis rotating work platform for testing optical components

Patent ID: CN201010506043

Method and system for seamless upgrade of cloud services

Patent ID: CN201010500589

Cylindrical barrel closed cavity light concentrator solar water heater doubled

Patent ID: CN201010278313

A method for the biological synthesis of propylene oxide in situ reduction of the catalyst preparation method of

Patent ID: CN201010264896

An integrated method to identify the transition from traditional networks to the Internet

Patent ID: CN20101026145.

Plants for benzaldehyde reduction of nano-gold catalyst preparation method

Patent ID: CN201010259180

An advanced treatment of leachate water denitrification agents and methods for preparing and using

Patent ID: CN201010253114

An organic light emitting material and preparation method

Patent ID: CN201010248404

Circuit switching stage adaptive dead time control

Patent ID: CN201010235979

One method of synthesis of NaA zeolite membranes on a macroporous carrier

Patent ID: CN201010233324

A boiler tube outer surface preparation cladding temperature chlorine corrosion dual cored wire for

Patent ID: CN201010227864

Adjustable pressure means a large-diameter flat optics for polishing

Patent ID: CN201010219715

Using the system as a high concentration of CO2 flue gas drying medium in pulverized coal boilers

Patent ID: CN201010223606

A composition for inhibiting dressing and application of scar promote rapid healing of wounds

Patent ID: CN201010218105

Low rosin flux-cored wire for lead-free no-clean flux and its preparation method

Patent ID: CN201010209723

Method fluoro biaryl compound is prepared in a pure aqueous solution

Patent ID: CN201010205732

A diamond coatings on cemented carbide preparation for diamond - silicon carbide - cobalt silicide composite interlayer method

Patent ID: CN201010201832

A method of preparing a modified calcium-based flue gas carbon dioxide absorbent for the removal of

Patent ID: CN201010193906

A method of preparing a capillary probe array biochip for analysis

Patent ID: CN201010193890

A process for producing bio-chip analysis of microfluidic chip probe arrays for

Patent ID: CN201010174003

In oxyfuel combustion flue gas CO2 capture SO2 and NO centralized recovery system

Patent ID: CN201010166705

Bacterial agents for weed control in rice fields

Patent ID: CN201010149022

Chinese medicine composition and preparation methods of prevention and treatment of viral diseases in poultry

Patent ID: CN201010142504

Cored wire and preparation method for glasses, plates and cutting ring wear of

Patent ID: CN201010140848

One kind predistorter effective order estimator

Patent ID: CN201010132116

Campaign platform for rapid locking method and apparatus

Patent ID: CN201010122146

Grinding rolls, disc wear pink cored wire and cladding method for

Patent ID: CN201010117856

Traveling-wave electromagnetic cone concentrator

Patent ID: CN201010116095

One kind of cyclohexanone oxime by Beckmann rearrangement continuous production of caprolactam

Patent ID: CN201019114022

A process for the preparation of magnetic fluid bag gold magnetic particles for

Patent ID: CN201010102215

A structured LDPC code decoding method and apparatus for explicitly storing the system on chip

Patent ID: CN201010300623

A method in an alcohol solvent to prepare an aryl group substituted heteroaromatic ring compound

Patent ID: CN201010100922

A method for preparing a composite of carbon dioxide in the flue gas absorbent for the removal of

Patent ID: CN201010300539

PCS fibers prepared from a continuous silicon carbide fibers methods

Patent ID: CN200910113130

An electro-catalytic activity of microbial screening device for

Patent ID: CN200910113087

A ceramic material properties of the grain boundaries and test methods for the test electrode

Patent ID: CN200910243705

Guarantee the authenticity of the source address of an enhanced token update method

Patent ID: CN200910250241

Prestressed hollow wall Itakura bulk grain warehouse buildings

Patent ID: CN200910250708

One kind of bulk grain warehouse buildings

Patent ID: CN200910250242

One kind of hollow columns bulk grain warehouse buildings

Patent ID: CN200910228858

Fiber grating temperature sensor implantation method clothing

Patent ID: CN200910272824

Fish habitat velocity experimental methods and apparatus for determining the suitability of the curve

Patent ID: CN200910309727

A liquid-phase hydrogenation step in the synthesis of caprolactam cyclohexane by nitro

Patent ID: CN200910219989

A water purification biomimetic photocatalytic membrane assembly for

Patent ID: CN200910213432

A bit line for the memory cell array of the sub-threshold leakage current compensation circuit

Patent ID: CN200910112756

A nanometer palladium catalyst and preparation method for the hydrogenation of anthraquinone

Patent ID: CN200910172339

Disc crop residues uproot device

Patent ID: CN200910092483

Preparation of a composite metal armor plate - a metal ceramic cladding

Patent ID: CN200910091602

Situ reaction synthesis TiCx particles reinforced nickel-based composite method

Patent ID: CN200910013558

Plate heat exchanger element is used for evaporation condensation

Patent ID: CN200910044123

Motion tiny throw an air-parameter measurement method and system

Patent ID: CN200910012622

The sulfonation of naphthalene sulfonic acid prepared in the micro-reactor with sulfur trioxide in

Patent ID: CN200910181673

One kind of other processes compatible with CM pressure sensor and its preparation process

Patent ID: CN200910089306

Preparation pink heart hot die surface cladding for wire and cladding

Patent ID: CN200910043854

Multi-task scheduling method for combining navigation processor and integrated navigation processor

Patent ID: CN200910087733

Filter bag and its production method for fiber analysis

Patent ID: CN200910033418

Ordered nanotube array structure of the electrode material and preparation method and energy storage applications

Patent ID: CN200910086174

Pink heart and the preparation method of high temperature wire thermocouple protection tubes for cladding

Patent ID: CN200910011934

A structure of longitudinal strain intelligent monitoring methods for the production of composite laminates

Patent ID: CN200910302856

An in-situ particle reinforced magnesium matrix composites electromagnetic / ultrasonic preparation method

Patent ID: CN200910084510

A method of containing the FE-SI-B based amorphous coating on the aluminum alloy matrix was prepared

Patent ID: CN200910111815

A microscopic algae extraction method of image contours

Patent ID: CN200910049641

A boron-doped diamond substrate on the growth of three-dimensional mesh upright method of precious metal nanosheets

Patent ID: CN200910042925

Waves for underwater propulsion energy conversion device

Patent ID: CN200910111263

A method for mercury analyzer sample chamber sealed

Patent ID: CN200910010490

A method of refining oil

Patent ID: CN200910009118

Mixing nozzle within a preheated

Patent ID: CN200910028074

Meridian body surface electrode array for signal detection

Patent ID: CN200910064026

Pregelatinized - acid hydrolysis - esterification ternary complex starch preparation method and its application

Patent ID: CN200810237486

Wireless ad hoc network flow for active competition awaiting transmission method

Patent ID: CN200810241706

A kit and detection method for detecting porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus for

Patent ID: CN200810243300

An electronic information system and method for monitoring land

Patent ID: CN200810242552

Protect the health and safety of the vending machine method for

Patent ID: CN200810228158

An assembled from prefabricated components made of porous floating breakwater

Patent ID: CN200810079226

Thermal expansion device for a refrigeration system can automatically adjust the

Patent ID: CN200810055518

GC column and volatile gaseous preparation method for separating arsenic compounds

Patent ID: CN200810071522

A method of monitoring corrosion of reinforced concrete structures multifunctional sensor for

Patent ID: CN200810031898

MRF devices for high steepness of the optical components

Patent ID: CN20081007115.

A carrier and its preparation method and application for gene delivery

Patent ID: CN200810011624

An enhanced membrane bioreactor aeration ladder flat membrane fouling effect

Patent ID: CN200810011365

Metal mesh honeycomb support coated alumina coating method

Patent ID: CN200810015260

A method for deinking printed on the control sample ink amount

Patent ID: CN200810089489

A method for improving upland red soil chemical conditioning agents

Patent ID: CN200810030904

Water-based MRF fluid and preparation method for optical processing

Patent ID: CN200810070784

A nickel-plated metal surface preparation methods

Patent ID: CN200810010501

Cabin bottom water oil sewage vacuum receiver

Patent ID: CN200810010500

Oil Sewage ship oil sewage treatment apparatus and method

Patent ID: CN200810010499

Oil sewage effluent tank ship oil decanter oil system

Patent ID: CN200810070491

A method for preparing organic-inorganic nano-composite spherical shell structure

Patent ID: CN200710185428

Microwave steam humidity detection sensors

Patent ID: CN200710158676

Portable badminton training robot

Patent ID: CN200710145750

The fluidized bed reactor organosilicon monomer method and apparatus for direct recovery of the catalyst

Patent ID: CN200710145751

HTF sparger and method for manufacturing a fluid bed reactor is an organic silicon monomer

Patent ID: CN200710066037

A method of inducing disease resistance of plants to produce systems organic active inducer and its application

Patent ID: CN20071003518.

A plurality of fiber reinforced plastic bars or clip-type cable anchorage

Patent ID: CN200710028013

Fluidized three-dimensional electrode reactor for organic wastewater treatment

Patent ID: CN200710051923

The beginning of cooler gas horizontal tube furnace for coke

Patent ID: CN200710064359

An oscillating flow heat pipe to do with the inner tube solar heat absorbing glass vacuum tube collector

Patent ID: CN200710064357

A linear motor rail transportation means for performance testing

Patent ID: CN200710034267

Targeted drug and its preparation method for the treatment of bacterial disease

Patent ID: CN200610200550

An offshore platform tuned mass damper semi-physical simulation test methods and systems

Patent ID: CN200610017841

A method for removal of organic phosphorus pesticide plant extract

Patent ID: CN200610075673

Corn lodging yield modifiers and its preparation method and application

Patent ID: CN101123901_B

Inflatable Cushioning Device with Manifold System

Patent ID: CN200610045786

A high-temperature conditions by varying the pressure of the acid catalyst distribution modulation

Patent ID: CN200610031176

An anti-adaptive constant pressure nozzle

Patent ID: CN200510110083

Bus arrival prediction method

Patent ID: CN200510086302

A long-range high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy system

Patent ID: CN200510012042

A method for dispersing nanoparticles plating solution for

Patent ID: CN101090654_B

Discrete cell body support and method for using the same to provide dynamic massage

Patent ID: CN200510038183

The method of preparation of the second bubble shaped pieces of aluminum foam

Patent ID: CN200510038181

Low melting point lead-free solder alloy of tin and zinc paste

Patent ID: CN200410061316

One kind of high voltage overhead transmission lines running along the robot

Patent ID: CN200410009602

Passive ground fault detection method and apparatus for AC-DC electric locomotive circuit

Patent ID: CN200410044925

Mean corrected online SNR estimation method for Rayleigh Channel

Patent ID: CN03152860.0

Freeze-drying apparatus of the porous polymeric material

Patent ID: CN031247555

The method used to eliminate vibration measuring environmental impact posture light camera system relay

Patent ID: CN02144637.7

And bursting disc combination of normally open pilot-operated relief valve

Patent ID: CN00130809.2

Grapefruit meat, fruit preservative

Patent ID: CN97103863.5

A method of hybrid maize breeding