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Who Came Out on Top in This Year’s Patent Market?

While the patent landscape is always changing and evolving one can always be sure that there will be plenty of patent activity to go around...Read More

What Should Patent Trolls Be Worried About?

Trolls; they always get a bad rap. Whether they live under a bridge and eat goats that dare to cross, or they accumulate a large patent portfolio with the sole purpose of litigating against infringers, trolls usually have a bad reputation...Read More

The Internet of Things Continues to Spark Patent Innovation

There are thousands of patent applications filed and granted every year. There are also hundreds of different industries in which patents are granted...Read More

So You Have a Patent…Now What?

Congratulations, you’re now the owner of a shiny new patent. You have worked long and hard to develop your ideas, method or product and you’ve probably waited just as long to finally receive your granted patent after going through the lengthy patent filing process...Read More

Pandora Looking for Help by Acquiring Rdio’s IP

As Pandora Media, Inc. continues to face tough competition from Apple, Inc. and its recently released Apple Music platform, the company is looking for new ways to stay competitive and keep up with the big boys in the music streaming industry...Read More

More Tips for Successful Patent Management

If you follow our blog, then by now you know that managing a patent portfolio is a full-time job that involves many different factors every step of the way...Read More

Avoid These Mistakes When Monetizing Your Patents

The patent monetization game is constantly evolving and although the goal is the same for all patent owners who want to monetize their inventions and technologies, there are many paths one can take to get there. ..Read More

Italian Clothing Company Gets Favorable IP Verdict Against Chinese Company

Fair or not, it’s a well-known fact that China has a bad reputation for stealing intellectual property and making cheap imitations of other companies’ and inventors’ goods...Read More

Infringement Battles Pit the Big Boys vs. the Big Boys

In days past, patent infringement lawsuits almost always pitted a small time business, or even just an inventor with a single patent against one of the big dogs in the industry...Read More

How Will Blackberry Stay Afloat Going Forward?

We recently discussed BlackBerry’s monetization efforts after the company announced earlier this year that it would be acquiring Good Technology Corp. BlackBerry’s main motivation behind the purchase was to gain access to Good’s intellectual property portfolio...Read More

Network-1 and Microsoft Reach Agreement Over Patent Lawsuit

Companies large and small develop new technologies and innovations every day. Many of these companies file for patents to protect their innovations. While smaller companies might only have one or two patents...Read More

The Truths and Lies About Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is valuable. It’s a common belief but is it a fact?..Read More

What Does it Take to Develop and Monetize Your IP?

Have you taken a close look at your intellectual property lately? Does your company have a large portfolio covering a wide range of technologies? ...Read More

Why Are So Many Patents Being Abandoned?

Are you looking to acquire patents? Now might be a good time to dive in and make a splash in the IP world...Read More

What Does it Take to Effectively Manage Your Patent Portfolio?

The first step to strong patent portfolio is obviously developing the portfolio. This takes time and effort and it typically takes building your portfolio through several different streams...Read More

How Relevant Is Intellectual Property to a Company’s Success?

How many patents does your company own? Perhaps you’re a small company with a single patent and you are looking for ways to monetize it. Or, maybe your company owns a small, or large, portfolio of patents that you are trying to use to create new revenue...Read More

Building Patent Portfolio Still a Big Part of TI’s Success Strategy

Texas Instruments (TI) may not have the same cache as Apple, Google, Samsung or IBM but there’s no doubt that the electronics and semiconductor company, based in Dallas Texas is a still a huge player in the electronics industry...Read More

Is The Government’s Attack on the Patent System Killing Innovation?

Most people are aware that innovation is really what drives the business world, as well as the global economy. Without new innovation the business world, as we know it,...Read More

How to Build IP Success in a Changing Innovation Ecosystem

It would seem like a no-brainer that companies would want to align their intellectual property with their corporate strategy if they want to reach see their IP reach its full value and potential. However, while that is an obvious objective, many companies fail to successfully achieve this goal...Read More

TiVo Looks to its IP in Effort to Stay Afloat

Do you remember TiVo? It was a big sensation when it burst onto the television-recording scene back in 1997. Before TiVo’s existence the only way to really skip commercials was to record your favorite program on a videocassette with a VCR then use your remote to fast-forward through those annoying ads. It was a tedious chore and became very tiresome rather quickly. Then along cam TiVo and it allowed consumers the opportunity to record and fast-forward through their favorite television shows much more efficiently. It even made it possible to record and pause live TV. It seemed that TiVo had the perfect answer to skipping ads and that the company’s road to success would be paved with gold...Read More

Prime Minister Pushing IP Monetization as New Source of Revenue in Malaysia

Have you heard of IP monetization: the process of commercializing and/or capitalizing financially on your intellectual property? If you’re reading this then chances are you’ve already come across the term before. While IP monetization has been around for many years, it is still something that is relatively obscure to many people, even those who work in fields that deal with intellectual property on a regular basis. However, “there is no question that IP monetization is real and that it is a growing trend amongst individuals, corporations and universities alike,” according to IPTrader president, Arlen L. Olsen. In fact, even entire countries are starting to see the vision of the financial possibilities that can be obtained through monetizing intellectual property...Read More

What’s the relationship Between Intellectual Property and Venture Capitalists?

Venture capitalists are often what make the world of start-ups and entrepreneurs go round...Read More

Can BlackBerry Monetize Good Technology Corp.’s IP?

Once upon a time, BlackBerry ruled the smartphone industry, but along came the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy, and ever since BlackBerry has faced a tough road to stay relevant in the industry it once dominated. However, that doesn’t mean that BlackBerry is no longer relevant in the mobile communications industry. In fact, the company is still going strong and it recently made a big addition to its company profile by acquiring Good Technology Corp. BlackBerry agreed to pay $425 million for Good Technology, which is not only a boost to its own business, but it also eliminates one of its competitors...Read More

Don’t Let These IP Mistakes Ruin Your Startup

Every company makes mistakes along the path to success. While no one is perfect, making huge mistakes when you’re a start-up can be devastating and even fatal. One area where many companies make mistakes is with their intellectual property. Large, well-established companies can typically overcome these kinds of errors, but IP mistakes by young, growing companies can be extremely costly. Therefore, according to IPTrader president, Arlen L. Olsen, “if you’re a start-up and intellectual property is part of your business plan, then you can’t afford to make some of the most common IP mistakes that new companies make.” If you manage your IP endeavors right, it can help bring great success. If you mismanage them, your start-up could be headed to the scrap pile...Read More

“His Airness” Still Fighting to Protect His IP Rights

He’s known as the greatest basketball player to ever play the game, as well as one of the greatest athletes of all time in any sport. Michael Jordan, aka MJ, Air Jordan and His Airness, among others, is also one of the highest earning athletes of all time, in any sport...Read More

How IP Can Benefit Both Big Companies and Startups Alike

Companies from all over the world, both large and small, recognize the value of intellectual property to their business. Intellectual property has the potential to help big companies get even bigger and it can help even the smallest companies grow into great success stories. “Whether companies sell their IP outright or use it to gain revenue from licensing, IP is an effective way to grow a business,” according to IPTrader president, Arlen L. Olsen. Even acquiring more IP can be a way to strengthen one’s bottom line. Despite the cost of acquiring more IP, a strengthened portfolio often adds more value to a company’s overall worth...Read More

The IP Battle Between Apple and Samsung Will Seemingly Never End

Why can’t we all just get along? It seems that the powers that be at two of the world’s largest and wealthiest tech companies just can’t see eye-to-eye, especially when it comes to the enormous mobile phone market throughout the world. Of course, we’re talking about Apple and Samsung. This is a battle that has gone on for years and from the looks of it, it’s a battle that could just keep going. These two tech giants are in a constant face-off to dominate the global cell phone market and beat the other into tech submission. Of curse, there is room for both companies in the market, and no matter which side of the cell phone battle you belong, the fact is, having both companies around is better for consumers. If there were no competition, then neither company would be very motivated to continue innovating...Read More

How Should Companies Protect Their Clean Energy IP?

Patents can be a powerful resource for just about any company in almost any industry. Patents provide companies with defensive protection against competitors who might purposely or unknowingly infringe on their intellectual property rights. Patents can also be used as an offensive approach as IP owners can monetize their IP by licensing or selling patents to other entities. However, when it comes to patents, they are not built all the same. Some patents have great value, while many others might not have any real monetary value at all...Read More

How to Connect Your IP With Your Business Strategy

It would seem like a no-brainer that companies would want to align their intellectual property with their corporate strategy if they want to reach see their IP reach its full value and potential. However, while that is an obvious objective, many companies fail to successfully achieve this goal. Intellectual property can be a very valuable asset if it’s used appropriately. However, without the right objectives and strategies in place, IP can lose a lot of its potential value and it can actually end up costing companies more money just to hold onto it...Read More

Is Your Intellectual Property Safe From Theft?

No one wants to be the victim of theft, whether it’s your car, your home or other personal possessions, everyone works hard to hold onto their valuables. Theft has changed over the years and thieves get more sophisticated all the time. In fact, increasingly, theft is not about stealing other people’s possessions, but rather their private and valuable information, including their identity. ID theft is rampant and very pervasive. It can also leaves victims dealing with its negative effects for years after the initial crime. There’s no question that everyone should be vigilant in keeping his or her private information safe and secure from would-be thieves. Another kind of theft that can be very costly and which is becoming more common is IP theft...Read More

Why is IBM Looking to Own the Cloud?

We’ve discussed the cloud before, including how dozens of companies, both large and small, continue to make a push to the cloud, especially large tech companies that almost appear to be trying to take over the cloud. Cloud computing is the wave of the future as more and more companies move their computer data to secured networks stored in remote locations. On a smaller scale, many individuals are also storing their data, including documents, photos and videos on the proverbial cloud. With so much emphasis on cloud computing it’s no wonder that companies like IBM are looking to dominate the cloud and use it to “rain” on everyone’s parade...Read More

What’s the True Force Behind the Innovation Economy?

Over the last several decades how has the nations’ economy changed? On an even larger scaled, how has the world’s economy changed? What used to be an economy driven by tangible products and business has now become an economy dominated by innovation. So what exactly drives this new Innovation economy? The answer is intellectual property. Intangible innovations, or intellectual property, have become the new driving force of the world economy, thus proving the maxim that knowledge is power. However, intellectual property is more than just power: it’s also big business...Read More

Should College Students Get to Keep Their Patent Rights?

Some of the greatest innovators, and inventions, come from colleges and universities all over the world...Read More

RadioShack Brand Still Alive After $26.2 Million Sale

For many years, before the Internet and big electronic stores like Best Buy started to pop up and before the Wal-Marts and Targets of the world took over the electronic retail space, people mostly shopped at department stores for home electronics. If consumers wanted another option, many of them would turn to RadioShack. Although it was never as big as Best Buy or Wal-Mart, RadioShack was synonymous with electronics and technology for many years. However, after years and years of declining sales and continued competition from the big boys, RadioShack has been treading water and barely staying afloat...Read More

Oracle Looking to Expand its Lawsuit Against Google

Big companies are no strangers to lawsuits, including disputes over intellectual property. In fact, many of the largest companies in the world are continually involved in lawsuits..Read More

Lawmakers Propose IP Tax Plan to Boost U.S. Patent Profits

The argument over the corporate tax structure in America has been going on for decades, as the country has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world at 35 percent...Read More

Nokia Plans to Use Its Intellectual Property for Gain

The smartphone market is already very crowded and in the U.S. that market is mainly dominated by two operating systems Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android...Read More

Intellectual Property Still Matters to Venture Capitalists

There are many universities, corporations and individuals that own intellectual property rights...Read More

KWG Resources Purchases Chromium IP

Many intellectual property assets have great value, but depending on the details of the technology those values will differ...Read More

U.S. Supreme Court Says No Thanks to Google vs. Oracle Battle

Recently, we discussed the ongoing legal battle between Google and Oracle over the latter company’s ability to copyright its Java application programming interface (APIs). A lower court previously ruled that Oracle could indeed copyright its Java APIs. However, Google had argued that ruling all the way to the United States Supreme Court and was waiting to hear if the court would hear the case. Many computer and high-tech companies, as well program developers and legal experts, were anxiously waiting the court’s decision as to whether or not it would hear the case. The wait is over and the court has decided not to hear the case, which was a huge victory for Oracle...Read More

Inventergy Makes Another Big Patent Deal

Inventergy, an investment and licensing company, has announced another intellectual property agreement, the second such agreement it has completed this year...Read More

Energy Companies Are Fighting Back Against Patent Trolls

There are many legitimate companies that aim to acquire as many patents as possible as they work to build a strong IP portfolio that they can monetize and create new revenue streams. This is obviously a very legitimate business practice and when done right it can create millions and even billions of dollars of additional revenue...Read More

AMD Looking to Monetize its Large IP Portfolio

IP commercialization and monetization continue to make strong headway in the business world...Read More

Business Failure Doesn’t Always Equal IP Failure

How do you measure success? There are many ways to look at success and what one person calls a success might be considered a failure to someone else. The same is true for many companies. While one company might measure its success simply by its bottom...Read More

Court Sides With Microsoft in Patent Battle With Google

Two of the world’s largest tech companies recently squared off in the courtroom and in the end, the Court sided with Microsoft instead of Google. Of course, as with any court decision, nothing is ever final until one party either accepts defeat ...Read More

Have You Been to the IP Bank Lately?

Depending on whom you ask, there are actually two different villains in the ongoing patent war that is patent infringement litigation. On one side you have the so-called patent trolls...Read More

Google Finds Interesting Way to Combat Patent Trolls

Who is in for some free patents? No, IPTrader is not giving away any patents, but a well known tech giant is doing exactly that. That’s right, Google, the search engine giant...Read More

EnWave Expands IP Portfolio, Increases Royalty Streams

One of the best ways for companies to utilize and commercialize their intellectual property is by adding to their current IP portfolio. This can be done in several ways...Read More

Hackers Increasingly Looking to Steal Intellectual Property

What’s the most valuable asset your company possesses? The answer could vary greatly depending on what type of business you operate?..Read More

How to Deal With IP Business in a Changing World of Monetization

So what kinds of trends are hot right now and what should those with IP, or those wanting to buy IP, be looking for? One of the hottest industries in patent or IP monetization in general is the Internet of Things. This refers to any device, object or gadget that has the ability to connect to the Internet and send and receive data. That means anything from refrigerators to home security systems and from personal devices to wearable technology can fall into this category. If you own technology that has Internet connection capability then the opportunities to monetize could be endless. Additionally, if you are looking to add to your IP portfolio, then searching for devices that fall into the Internet of Things category is likely a good place to spend your capital...Read More

Software Company Goes After Ford Motors for Patent Infringement

According to court documents, Versata claims that it started to share secrets with the automaker way back in 1998...Read More

Apple Gets a Reprieve in iTunes Infringement Case

A lot of companies have tried, and many have failed, to take a bite out of Apple Inc. However, recently, a small Tyler, Texas-based company was awarded more than $530 million in an infringement suit against the massive electronics and computer giant...Read More

Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Inventions

Have a great idea? Have you turned that idea into a product and now your ready to make a fortune? Many, if not all, inventors want to see their ideas become a reality. Most inventors are looking to us their products to make a lot of money, as well. The trouble is, there are a lot of inventors that don’t know how to turn their invention into a profitable business...Read More

Can Your Company Afford to Overlook IP Monetization?

How much is your company worth? How much of that worth is found in tangible assets? How much are your intangible assets worth, including your intellectual property (IP) assets?...Read More

Now Is The Time To Capitalize On Your Intellectual Property

Pop quiz: Do you know how much your company is worth? Of course, if you ask, most companies could tell you exactly how much they’re worth. After all, the bottom line drives the business world and success is measured by how many zeroes follow the first number in a company’s valuation. Next question:...Read More

Ford Motor Co. to Offer Electric Vehicle Patents to Competitors

The IP monetization movement continues to grow around the globe and many of the world’s largest companies are utilizing their intellectual property to either give their revenue an additional boost, or in some cases, to help them stay afloat in their increasingly competitive industries...Read More

How Patent Licensing Helps Spur More Innovation

Recently, IPTrader was one of the unique exhibitors at the International Trademark Association (INTA) Annual Meeting, held in San Diego California. While at INTA, our representatives spoke with hundreds of people from all over the world....Read More

IBM Finding Life in the Cloud to Be Extremely Profitable

You know that feeling you get when it seems as though you’re walking on air, or maybe you’ve reached that proverbial “cloud 9?” On the other hand it’s never really been a good thing to “have your head up in the clouds.” ...Read More

IP Could Be New Revenue Source for Energy Companies

You probably won’t hear anyone complain about the falling price of gasoline; almost anyone that is, except for the energy companies. With crude oil prices down about 60 percent during the last six months alone, oil companies are continuing to take a hit...Read More

Is it Time to Reevaluate the U.S. Patent System?

The old adage is “if it it’s not broke, then don’t fix it.” So what about the U.S. patent system; is it broken? Some would argue that yes, it definitely is broken and that it needs to be fixed....Read More

Justice Department’s Opinion Casts Large Shadow Over Google API Battle

The computer industry, in all its aspects, represents some of the greatest and most innovative technological advances in the history of the world. It also represents a pool of intellectual property that could be as large as any ocean in the world. ...Read More

Lycos Is Ready to Sell its Patent Portfolio

Everyone, who doesn’t live in a cave, has heard of Google. Quite possibly, even some cave dwellers have heard of the search engine giant. Google has its competitors, of course, like Yahoo, Bing and Yelp. However, long ago, when the Internet was still in its infancy, there was another search engine that had made a name for itself: Lycos. ...Read More

Register Your Rights…Then Monetize Them

There are all kinds of intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, industrial design, copyrights and trade secrets. Anyone who has ever created or invented something valuable or useful understands...Read More

Should Video Game Developers Consider Selling Their IP?

Intellectual property rights cover a wide-range of technologies and formats. While many large technology companies, pharmaceutical companies and computer companies are loaded with huge portfolios of intellectual property, which they regularly look to monetize...Read More

There Are Many Ways to Valuate Intellectual Property

What’s a great idea really worth? Many businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs come up with incredibly innovative ideas every day. Some of those ideas become products, while others remain in the concept stage and still others never amount to anything...Read More

A History of IP Monetization

When you hear the term IP monetization what comes to mind? For many people, even those who work in the intellectual property industry, this term may sound foreign...Read More

Largest Monetization Transactions on Record

Businesses and corporations are always looking for new and creative ways to add additional revenue and profits to their bottom line. Increasingly, those efforts are including intellectual property monetization. More and more business entities are seeing the value of using their IP...Read More

Nintendo Is Putting Its Intellectual Property to Work

The intellectual property monetization industry may be relatively obscure to many general observers, but the IP monetization movement received another boost recently as Nintendo announced ...Read More