Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do?

IPTrader is an international monetization and commercialization company. We assist you or your clients in the buying and selling of patents and trademarks, mapping strategies, valuation and foreign patent right purchases.

How can we help you?

IPTrader assists inventors, corporations, law firms, universities, governments and investors in monetization and commercialization of Intellectual Property.

What services do we offer?

We offer a wide-range of IP-related services:

  • •   Brokering
  • •   Acquisition
  • •   Valuing
  • •   Licensing
  • •   Finance & Monetization
  • •   Competitive analysis
  • •   Negotiating contracts
  • •   Valuation of IP
  • •   Managing relationships
  • •   Market and value analysis
  • •   Technology assessment
  • •   Developing leads
  • •   Patent Mapping

What is IP Monetization?

IP Monetization is the concept of creating revenue or revenue streams directly by selling or licensing intellectual property.

What is IP Commercialization?

IP Commercialization is the exercise of creating, buying or licensing intellectual property specifically for use within the business entity for growth and profits.

What are IP Brokerage Services?

We bring together buyers and sellers and/or licensors and licensees, and assist in the valuation of their assets at stake and serve as mediators between those who are buying, selling and/or licensing intellectual property.

How do we buy and sell foreign patent rights?

IPTrader has developed a plan to take full and complete advantage of all foreign IP rights. In exchange for filing and obtaining those foreign rights, IPTrader will pay a licensing fee to the patent owner.

Who do we work with?

IPTrader works with corporations, law firms, universities, governments, inventors and investors, and any other interested entities.

What is IP Assessment?

At IPTrader we gather all the necessary information regarding your intellectual property in order to assess its potential market and true valuation.

How can trading foreign IP rights benefit you?

IP TRADER can file for, and obtain, the patent rights for individuals, corporations and universities in foreign countries so that the foreign IP rights are not left up for grabs for anyone to snatch. This is a win-win situation because all parties are able to earn more income from these patents that would have otherwise been lost.

How does our patent mapping/landscaping system work?

We have created a unique Claim Mapping method, which is a powerful tool used to determine the ability to file for additional claims and patents in a particular field. By Claim Mapping the entire landscape IPTrader goes beyond the surface-level results.

What makes our patent mapping/landscaping system unique?

IPTrader maps the landscape by depicting claimed subject matter as broadly as possible, so that potential conflict(s) might be emphasized and addressed rather than overlooked. This method has produced significant results.

What industries do we serve?

IPTrader serves dozens of industries with many types of intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • •   Artificial intelligence
  • •   Biotechnology
  • •   Biomedical devices
  • •   Chemical
  • •   Clean Energy
  • •   Computer technology
  • •   Control systems
  • •   Data communications and processing
  • •   Electrical and electronic devices
  • •   Hardware
  • •   Internet/E-commerce
  • •   Materials processing
  • •   Mechanical
  • •   Microprocessors and integrated circuits
  • •   Nanotechnology
  • •   Pharmaceutical
  • •   Semiconductor fabrication
  • •   Software development
  • •   Telecommunications

Why should you choose to work with IPTrader?

Our ultimate goal is to bring buyers and sellers, as well as licensors and licensees, together in order to help both parties achieve the maximum success from their IP assets around the globe, by capitalizing on their IP assets internationally.

What business units make up IPTrader?

IPTrader consists of several different business units including financial, consulting, brokerage and patent rights accumulation.

How much does it cost?

We charge a standard 15 percent commission fee for a single transaction. When dealing with transactions that consist of large portfolios our commission fee is negotiable.