Foreign Patent Rights Accumulation

Purchasing and Licensing Foreign Patent Rights

Universities, corporations and individuals file for patents every day. Patents cover all kinds of inventions and intellectual property, but what about patent rights in foreign markets; are they covered, too? Although you do have the option to file for the foreign intellectual property rights that are available with your patents, perhaps you’re overlooking that opportunity. Or maybe you hadn’t even considered that as a possibility.

Do You Want Foreign Rights With That?

Did you know that by overlooking this option or choosing not to pursue these foreign IP rights you could actually being missing out on some huge potential income. So what if you decide you want to pursue these IP rights in foreign countries at a later time; will they still be available? Could someone else in another country actually purchase these IP rights out from underneath you? It’s important to know the answers to these types of questions, because large sums of money could be at stake. If you’re not sure how to answer these questions, then contact us at IPTrader™ for help.

Costly Mistake?

There are in fact limitations on filing for foreign IP rights and if you lose those IP rights in other countries you could be out of luck. Maybe you’re not concerned about these IP rights, but did you know that you could actually be walking away from millions of dollars of potential income? Thus, in order to avoid letting this money slip away, IPTrader has developed a plan to take full and complete advantage of all foreign IP rights.

A Win-Win Situation

It’s called a foreign patent rights accumulator. At IPTrader we can take all of the necessary steps to ensure that these foreign IP rights are not lost. In exchange for filing and obtaining those foreign rights, IPTrader will pay a licensing fee to the patent owner. Clearly, this is a win-win situation because both parties are able to earn more income from these patents that would have otherwise been lost.

Seize the Opportunity

As one can see, this business concept has the potential to be a great source of additional income for any corporation, university or individual who has filed for a patent but who has yet to seek the same IP rights in Foreign Markets. Scroll below to contact us and learn more.