IP Brokerage Services

Why Utilize an IP Brokerage Service

Although corporations, universities, governmental agencies, financial institutions and individual inventors often acquire intellectual property (IP) rights, sometimes they come to a standstill when they attempt to commercialize their idea. In other instances, companies become distressed or enter into bankruptcy proceedings and are looking to turn their IP assets into cash. Financial institutions can also end up with a lien on intellectual property, and therefore need assistance in monetizing it. Some of these IP rights can be worth very little, while others have the potential to be extremely valuable.

Facilitating Commercial Success

However, turning a great idea into a commercial success can be difficult for many of these entities. There are several business plans to monetize IP rights, but because the IP transaction business is constantly changing and the market for buying and selling IP assets is not clearly defined, many corporations, universities, governmental agencies, financial institutions and individual inventors turn to IP brokers to monetize their IP rights.

Bringing Buyers and Sellers Together

At IP TRADER we are IP brokers who are experts in transactional IP. We bring together buyers and sellers, assist in valuation of the assets and serve as mediators between those who are buying and selling intellectual property.

We Are IP Brokers

As IP brokers, IP TRADER also works on both sides of the transaction. That means we are an integral part in both the buying side and the selling side of the agreement. Here’s how we do it:

Buyers – We help corporations, universities, governmental agencies, financial institutions and individuals purchase patents for many different reasons. These reasons can include investment purposes, manufacturer loyalty, freedom to operate and litigation, as well as acquisition of new landscapes to lock out competitors. IP TRADER can help you identify your rights and then ensure that you secure them. We can even keep your identity confidential throughout the process, which can help keep the sellers focused on pricing instead of what you plan to do with your purchase. With our help, the right acquisitions can assist you in adding to your portfolio and in building your success. We will focus our efforts to match you with the right seller, or seek out particular technology.

Sellers – We also help corporations, universities, governmental agencies, financial institutions, and individuals who are looking to sell their intellectual property and monetize their inventions. IP TRADER will help you determine the value of your assets under the current conditions in the IP transaction market. We maintain continuous contact with possible buyers, investors, banks, licensing agents and entities, and their representatives throughout the process. We work to find the right match amongst our growing list of buyers for each of our individual sellers. As a seller with IP TRADER you will have access to buyers from all walks of the IP industry, which are looking to purchase those rights for many different purposes. We stay focused on the constant changes in the IP transaction market to ensure that you find the best buyer for your IP assets.

Other IP Services – A Full Range of Options

As an IP brokerage firm, IPTRADER™ can assist you with any of your IP brokerage needs. Some of the other services we provide include:

• Competitive analysis
• Negotiating contracts
• Valuation of IP
• Managing relationships
• Market and value analysis
• Technology assessment
• Developing leads

Helping Buyers and Sellers Find Success

As an experienced IP broker we can help you understand all of the complexities that can exist when assessing the value of your patent or other IP assets. Our ultimate goal is to bring buyers and sellers together in order to help both parties achieve the maximum success from their IP assets. If you are looking to either buy or sell patents or other IP assets, then please send us a message by filling out the form below.