As an international IP broker, IPTrader cooperates with partners from all over the world as we work to match buyers, sellers and licensors in this growing IP monetization ecosystem. Given that IP trading often takes place internationally, and that more patents are granted in the United States and China than in any other countries, IPTrader has partnered with WTOIP, based in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

WTOIP is an online-to-offline (O2O) e-commerce service platform dedicated to accelerating the innovation-driven economy in the greater China Region through intellectual property trading and various other services, including IP financing, certification and branding.

WTOIP focuses on the exploitation of IP rights by providing the O2O service model, which consists of one online platform and four offline networks (customer services network, strategic partners network, sourcing & distribution channels and IP business network). Our core customers are entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and research institutes.

WTOIP helps research institutes, inventors, entrepreneurs SMEs, as well as corporate and government-sized entities to showcase their own IP and related needs

Embracing the opportunities brought by the global knowledge economy, WTOIP is committed to promoting IP commercialization and monetization and is a powerful force in the acceleration of the IP business ecosystem to create commercial value through IP Trading, IP exploitation, industrial transformation, and industrial upgrading. These efforts are poised to eventually bring significant economic and social benefits to China and the rest of the world.

At IPTrader we are proud to partner with WTOIP in China as we work together to further IP monetization throughout the world.

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