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Patent ID: AU2010337133

Apparatus for and System for Enabling a Mobile Communicator

Description: Provided is a mobile communicator that includes a contact operable between an open configuration and a closed configuration and positioned to complete an electric circuit when the contact is in the closed position thereby activating the mobile communicator and providing the mobile communicator with functionality. The mobile communicator includes a display, a notification mechanism for alerting a user, a user interface configured for allowing a user to enter a plurality of destination inputs, the plurality of destination inputs associated with an alphanumeric combination of numbers and letters, a transmitter in operable communication with the user interface and configured to send a transmission from the mobile communicator to a destination corresponding with the destination input, a receiver capable of receiving a transmission from a transmitting device and an enabling system. Further, the mobile communicator includes an initial default disabled state, wherein at least one of a plurality of functions are disabled.

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