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Patent ID: CA2370218_C

Inflatable cushioning device with manifold system

Description: A cushioning device comprises a plurality of self-inflating fluid cells, a manifold system and a pressure regulator. Each fluid cell includes a reforming element; an intake port and an exhaust port such that the intake port and exhaust port are located directly on the fluid cell and proximate to one another. The manifold system is operatively attached to each the exhaust ports and the pressure regulator is operatively attached to the manifold system for adjusting the firmness or softness of all the fluid cells. A method for supporting a body comprising the steps of: providing a plurality of non-powered self-inflating fluid cells, wherein each self-inflating fluid cell includes a check valve; providing a common manifold for each check valve; applying a body weight to the non-powered self-inflating fluid cells; and allowing each of the non powered self-inflating fluid cells to react to the body weight and adjust to an identical internal pressure.

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