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Patent ID: EP2760581

Ruthenium or osmium complex, method for its preparation and use thereof

Description: The present invention relates to novel complexes of metals that act as pre(catalysts), a method of manufacturing them as well as their use in the metathesis, isomerisation and cycloisomerisation of oleofins, a method of manufacturing them as well as their use in olefin metathesis, isomerisation and cycloisomerisation reactions, as well as in olefin as well as in reakcji hydrogen transfer. The present invention is useful in broadly understood organic synthesis. The use of olefin metathesis in organic synthesis has recently seen much progress. The state of the art reveals several carbene complexes of mthenium acting as (pre)catalysts which possess both high activity in metathesis reactions of various kinds, as well as a broad tolerance of functional groups. The above combination of properties warrants the utility of these types of (pre)catalysts in organic synthesis. From the point of view of practical use, particularly on an industrial scale, it is very desirable that such mthenium complexes are stable, for extended periods at elevated temperatures, and may be stored and/or purified and/or used without a protective gas atmosphere. It is also important that these catalysts exhibit variable reactivity, depending on the reaction conditions, and that they are easy to remove after the reaction.

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DOI: PCT (WO2013046108), EP (EP2760581), JP (JP2014532047), CN (CN104185506), SG (11201400937S), IL (231682)