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Enaminocarbonyl compounds and their use

Description: The present invention relates to enaminocarbonyl compounds with the formula I. The present invention also relates to the use of compounds with the formula I for the modification of the taste of a product and/or preparation for oral administration. This application is a ยง371 national stage of PCT International Application No. PCT/PL2010/000010, filed Feb. 2, 2010, designating the United States and claiming priority of Polish Patent Application PL 387 177, filed Feb. 2, 2009, the contents of all of which are hereby incorporated by reference into this application. The subject of the present invention are enaminocarbonyl compounds, containing a 5-member ring containing a carbonyl group and an enamine group in a side chain attached to a carbon atom adjacent to the carbon atom of the carbonyl group, as well as the use of these compounds as taste modifiers. In recent times, the number of persons suffering from obesity, hypertension, cardiac and renal disease as well as tooth cavities. These diseases can be caused by the excessive ingestion of saccharose or other caloric sweeteners. Persons afflicted with the abovementioned diseases, diabetics, as well as persons wishing to maintain or decrease their body mass can use artificial sweeteners. The sweeteners impart a sweet taste to the consumed foodstuffs, and at the same time help reduce their calorie content in comparison to products sweetened with ordinary sugar (saccharose) and other caloric sweet substances. Sweeteners are not only used in foodstuffs, but in many other products as well, such as toothpaste, chewing gum, and mouthwash in order to improve their taste (Alternative Sweeteners, 3rd Edition, Revised and Expanded, Lyn O'Brien Nabors Ed., Marcell Dekker, Inc, 2001).

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