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Patent ID: US8987873_B2

Super Integrated Circuit Chip Semiconductor Device

Description: The CP555 Super Integrated Circuit Chip has a ceramic package casing made from (B4-C) Boron Carbide: a non-conducting ceramic material. The IC is connected to connector pins by microcircuits and a custom formulated bond wire. The CP555 Integrated Circuit's ceramic Boron Carbide (B4-C) outer package casing, Heterodiamond substrates and dielectric components allows these integrated circuits to reduce electro-migration to a minimum, produce superior radiation hardness, heat resistance, electromagnetic shielding, and resistance to damage from harsh elements and environments. The CP555 Integrated Circuit can be used as a CMOS, PIC or DIE microcontroller circuit or computer processor (CPU). FIG. 1, shows the integrated circuit package 50, the outer package casing 138 also in FIG. 1, top left. Together, the Heterodiamond (B—C—N) semiconductor substrate and dielectric components, combined with a (Cu—Au—Ag) custom formulated bond wirework synergistically to make The CP555 Super Integrated Circuit Chip a unique semiconductor device.

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