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Patent ID: US9018255

Novel esters of (acyloxymethyl)acrylamide, a pharmaceutical composition containing them, and their use as inhibitors of the thioredoxin - thioredoxin reductase system

Description: The subject of the present invention are novel esters (acyloxymethyl)acrylamide, a pharmaceutical composition containing them and their use in the production of drugs that target the thioredoxin - thioredoxin reductase system. The present invention is for use in medical chemistry, pharmaceuticals and medicine. The process of carcinogenesis, and also subsequent stages of tumour progression are heavily influenced by enzymes that control the redox state of cells, and among these an enzymatic system composed of two proteins: thioredoxin and thioredoxin reductase (TrxR) seems to play an important role. The basic function of this system is to protect cells against oxidative stress. Both thioredoxin and thioredoxin reductase can reduce a variety of molecules, including reactive oxygen species (ROS). However, it is the ability of the Trx- TrxR system to oxidatively modify large macromolecules, particularly proteins, hat makes this system exceptional in terms of regulating important cellular processes, such as cell survival and proliferation or cell death in apoptotic or non-apoptotic pathways.

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DOI: PCT (WO2012050465), EP (EP 2 627 628), US (US 9,018,255), CN (CN103237786), IN (746/MUMNP/2013), RU (2013122396)