Technologies Wanted

Technologies Wanted

We are currently looking for the following technologies:

Item #1 - Backplane Connector:

The buyer is looking for patents or technologies in the High Speed Connector or High Speed IO field that can support 28Gb/s NRZ or 56Gb PAM4 per lane. The purchaser is looking for a connector that can be used in communication apparatus, servers and storage. The purchaser is looking for patents/technologies in Socket Connector, especially LGA chip-socket.

This purchaser wants to purchase these kinds of patents/technologies mainly for defensive purposes and patent mapping, however if such patents/technologies are new and cutting-edge enough, the buyer will consider going into production. The buyer’s target is mainly patents/technologies that have been invented but may not be found in products that are already on the market.

Item #2 - Conveyor Machine Technologies:

The buyer is looking for the intellectual property associated with advanced conveyor machine technologies. It could be advance conveying machines or related upstream and downstream advanced machines or technologies. (The company does have its own R&D department). They are specifically looking for machines or technologies that are used for conveying coal, chemical materials and other bulk goods.

Conserving energy and protecting the environment are also very important to this company. They also prefer machines or technologies that have already been commercialized and put in use. They are willing to discuss both buying and licensing options for these machines or technologies.

Item #3 - Medical Devices

The buyer is looking for patents in the medical device industry, especially anything involved with surgical tools, surgical navigation systems, endoscopy and surgical planning software. They are looking to grow their IP portfolio both organically and exponentially through either licensing or acquisition. They are flexible in terms of the different stages of IP as well (i.e., new, unused, in development, etc.), but it has to be a fit to their products and strategic directions.

They are looking for both patents they can develop into products and for patents they can use for defensive purposes. Also, at this point there is no limit to how much IP they might be interested in purchasing, but that could change in the future.

Item #4 - Trademarks in Classes 03 & 30:

The buyer is looking to purchase trademarks in both classes 03 and 30 under WIPO classification. The buyer is looking for trademarks that are registered and protected in Europe and America. The buyer is also interested in trademarks that have been registered for more than 25 years. The longer they have been registered the better.

If you own any of these technologies and are interested in licensing or selling them, then please contact IPTrader today for more details.